Re-Notice for banning Social Media sites

Date:   15 /09/2076

Warm Greeting / Namaskar,

Dear Parents/Guardians

As we have already mentioned in our previous notice, the school is very strict regarding the social media use like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube etc. The risk is very high when students use all these social media sites which can hamper their developing mind and behaviour.  

Thus, the school is banning all the social media site (E.g. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.) and would expect cooperation from our parents/guardians to do so. The school is not able to monitor all the kids behaviour and their actions at home so, we request our parents/guardians to make sure that the students do not use any of these social media sites at home.

Not only this we would also request our parents/guardians to monitor your ward/wards activities while using YouTube and internet. There should be strict parental control over their internet use.

 Thank you


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