Notice for Chitlang Tour

Date:   13 /09/2076

Warm Greeting / Namaskar,

Dear Parents/Guardians

This year our school has organized a field trip of Grade V- VIII to Chitlang, as it is a part of studies. This field trip is designed to give students an environment, to experience the real life. The responses that will have after the experience will be used to base their learning. We are very excited about this learning experience. These kind of experience help the students to build the core social value of collaboration, cooperation and enhance their social skills. The students are requested to submit Rs. 4850/- for the trip as soon as possible.

Trip Date: 28th and 29th Poush, 2076

Further details about the trip will be provided soon.

                   If you have any query, feel free to call the school for more information. (01-4992956, 01-4990930). In case of emergency news updates, please follow  school's Facebook page URL:

Thank you


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